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a year ago today… Jahajee Sisters: This plenary is from our 2020 Indo-Caribbean Women’s Empowerment Summit, "Building Our Future: Love & Solidarity as the Pathway to Justice" and took place on November 21, 2020. Justice in this Political Moment
Rusia Mohiuddin
October 22, 2021

come as you are

A good organizer knows that the fundamentals of base building teaches and guides us to recognize and understand we need all sorts of folks to participate in the change process. Successful organizing needs both the community member who comes to every meeting and takes leadership roles and the…
Rusia Mohiuddin
November 13, 2020

a cataclysm of love

Humanity needs a mantra. One that we can chant together, that reverberates across the chambers of power in this country and the world. The collective sound of our love and truth that drives out white supremacy from our society, replacing it with the deep knowing that we…
Rusia Mohiuddin
November 7, 2018
#30DaysUPLeadership Dev.

meditation is life

Meditation. It’s been like getting to know an old friend who I haven’t seen in awhile. My mind, my body, my spirit, I find sometimes wishes that it was all I did do most days. Alas, like all things, I simply settle for carving out increasing increments…
June 15, 2017

exploring human nature: part 4

what is human nature? by simone devi-jhingoor Human nature as I understand it is this conscious and unconscious need to operate from a place of ego. According to Eckhart Tolle, “ego is a false sense of self”. It is who we think we are: the story and narratives…
simone devi
April 27, 2017

exploring human nature: part 3

human nature by jaritza geigel  It's knowing the difference between wanting you and needing you. That when I feel I need you that's just the loneliness talking telling me to run back to what I used to understand as safety but knowing it will only cause the same…
Jaritza Geigel
January 23, 2017

exploring human nature: part 2

how does change happen in the context of human nature? by elena conte Human nature tends toward suffering because of the illusion of a separate self. This takes on many different forms in small and large ways.  At the same time, the tendency toward suffering is the layer…
elena conte
January 12, 2017

exploring human nature

what is human nature? by rae leiner What is human nature as you understand it? How does change happen in the context of human nature? As I understand it, human nature is a core pattern of behavior that is somewhat developed from early childhood and on going…
rae leiner
January 9, 2017

belongingness in the age of voldemort

The first known use of the word “belonging” was in 1782 and spoke to an essential human need, both emotionally and physiologically, to be accepted in one’s environment, to be loved and to be able to give love. Belongingness is attributed to being one of the strongest…
November 15, 2016

changing you IS changing the world.

approachOrg. Developmentwritings

the “I” in “We”

The “I” In “We” The Need For Personal Growth in Organizational Development By Rusia Mohiuddin originally published in OD Network (Winter 2016 Vol. 47) The focus in traditional organization development (OD) has often concentrated on collective practices, structure, and overall impact of the work based on internal alignment…
August 8, 2016
approachLeadership Dev.UPUP+lovewritings

vomiting rage

In the 5th century, Greek philosopher Democritus, first theorized that atoms are constantly moving. Today, we understand that these building blocks of matter are, in fact, in constant motion and that this activity produces energy. Scientifically, in the most remedial sense, we are made up of atoms…
October 12, 2015

LEO organizer: jaritza geigel

Trusting isn’t easy and to stand here and tell you why working on the conditioned tendencies activity during the LEO retreat is important to me feels like a lot. Initially, the thought of sharing back personal ordeals with colleagues that I didn't really know made me want to run in…
Jaritza Geigel
July 15, 2015

i am… a LEO Organizer!

Partnered with Make the Road NY, last friday marked the celebration + end of Leaders of Embodied Organizing's first 11-week intensive. LEO graduated 14 organizers skilled in the embodied organizing model of community organizing. Developed by the Principle of Universal Partnership, Rusia N. Mohiuddin, the embodied organizing model…
Rusia Mohiuddin
June 29, 2015

#30DaysUP day 27: fleeting moments

from my practice journal: did i really just say i hate my life? yet another way i create suffering in my life… letting myself become overwhelmed by superficially bad moments that i can make fleeting. of course, i don’t hate my life. had a shitty day or…
Rusia Mohiuddin
February 3, 2015

#30DaysUP Day 22: un-f*@&ing-apologetic

#30DaysUP Day 22: un-fucking-apologetic pardon the profanity but it’s necessary to exorcise the demon of perpetual apologies. maria asked why am i apologizing? is it necessary? aren’t just claiming what’s right for you? who + what are you apologizing to + for? well, gangsta… def a doable…
Rusia Mohiuddin
January 28, 2015

UWD Leadership “I Can’t Breathe”

every time I am with + leave these young warriors, chants stay singing in my head, reverberating in my heart, + i fill my space with the words that move me so. last year at the uwd congress it was "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN" +…
Rusia Mohiuddin
January 27, 2015

#30DaysUP Day 10: agitation is my friend

#30DaysUP Day 10: agitation is my friend so many discoveries leading up to, into, + after my early sit today. typically, i prefer to sit in the evenings but today, something triggered some deep feelings of agitation + I decided to sit early. too many lessons today,…
Rusia Mohiuddin
January 17, 2015
#30DaysUP#30DaysUP Private

#30DaysUP: forgiveness

day 6... we all can be stank from time to time. regular meditation doesn't erase normal human emotions from your actions but it does offer choices + your ability to chose has more intent than the typical reaction we so often subject ourselves + others to. I…
Rusia Mohiuddin
January 14, 2015

Erin Howard: Transformative, Grounded Coaching

I had the honor of being coached by Rusia for 6 months. For 10 years, I have dedicated every aspect of my life to the immigrant rights movement and to efforts focused on educational equity and youth leadership development in Lexington, KY. While my passion drives me,…
Erin Howard
December 8, 2014

#30DaysUP: a buck fifty a day

snapshot: what's #30DaysUP + what do you get? are you ready to change your life in 60 days? we're ready to take things up a notch in this next round of #30DaysUP! Like, before, we want to challenge + support you to develop superpowers that increase your…
Rusia Mohiuddin
November 17, 2014

#OIS 2015: #freeyourbody

#freeyourbody FEBRUARY 27th-MARCH 1st, 2015                        deepen your self-knowledge + unleash your true leadership potential no matter who we are, + what we do, our leadership presence + style is deeply shaped by our environment + our contexts.…
Rusia Mohiuddin
November 7, 2014

#30DaysUP… is back at it again!

we're getting ready to be at it again... transforming leadership from the inside out is what #30DaysUP is all about. our first round was a roaring success with 56 leaders across the country, meditating for 5 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY. so sweet! this second round, we're taking…
Rusia Mohiuddin
November 4, 2014

in the deep end for liberation

a beautiful Fall backdrop ushered in the weekend of Oppression In the Soma retreat at Garrison Institute on Friday, September 26th, 2014. it was an amazing retreat, with amazing participants, who dove deep in for self- + collective liberation. over the next few weeks, we will share more…
Rusia Mohiuddin
October 6, 2014

locked in your body + holding you back

#freeyourbody   REGISTER NOW! #freeyourbody: unleash your leadership potential 9/26-28/2014 a retreat of exploration + change this is a retreat for anyone, working in any field, who is passionate about social justice. if you have a socio-political lens with which you view + navigate the world, then this retreat…
Rusia Mohiuddin
August 16, 2014

a retreat of exploration + change

  when we think about our leadership in the context of the socio, political, economical, + environmental landscapes, we inevitably come up against the deeply embedded ways in which systems of oppression continually shape who + how we are in the world. this retreat aims to explore, with…
Rusia Mohiuddin
July 14, 2014
#30DaysUPLeadership Dev.PracticeUP

Lucia Gomez-Jimenez + #30DaysUP

I admit that I enjoy and actually look for a good challenge. I thrive in challenging environments. I make the best of a given situation and feel comfortable assessing and navigating rough waters. Therefore when I saw Universal Partnership's #30daysUP meditation challenge, I thought - why not?…
Lucia Gomez
June 10, 2014

regarding oneness

For over a decade, the use of the word transformation has become more and more prevalent in our movements’ work. Whatever the varying definitions of what transformation means, essentially we use it as an indicator for our desire to bring the present toward something more just and…
Rusia Mohiuddin
May 22, 2014

mind the gap snapshot video

You've been waiting for it... You've been aching for it... Your leadership has been thirsting for it... and now, yes NOW, it's here in all its splendor and glory! MIND THE GAP snapshot video is here to virtually teach you how to meditate, just in time for…
Rusia Mohiuddin
May 1, 2014

jadu mia: magic man

Yesterday marked the 35th death anniversary of the founding father of the Bangladeshi independence struggle, Mashiur Rahman "Jadu Miah", my maternal grandfather. The people are the source of all power. Today, our movements understand & have experienced the kind of power ordinary citizens across the globe can…
Rusia Mohiuddin
May 1, 2014

Day 15 of #30DaysUP: all is lost

we are officially on the other half of our 30-day challenge. fifteen days into cultivating our leadership superpowers. two weeks from changing ourselves + our world from, at minimum, 75 minutes of accumulated meditation. so simple, so incredible. this is your work. this is the work of…
Rusia Mohiuddin
April 21, 2014

where in the world are you?

#30DaysUP is UP & running with 57 people across the country participating in our 30-Day meditation challenge. Surely, people are feeling & flexing their superpowers by now! I want to ask each of you to take a quick moment to leave a comment on this post, indicating…
Rusia Mohiuddin
April 18, 2014

DayOne Wants You To Have Superpowers!

We're going BIG for #30DaysUP! DayOne app by Bloom has graciously offered their app for FREE to support Universal Partnership's 30-day meditation challenge! We are so excited! DayOne is a journaling app that I use exclusively for tracking my daily practices. It's all sorts of AWESOME! So what…
Rusia Mohiuddin
March 18, 2014
Leadership Dev.MEDIA

Jadu Miah: Magic Man

Yesterday marked the 35th death anniversary of the founding father of the Bangladeshi independence struggle, Mashiur Rahman "Jadu Miah", my maternal grandfather. The people are the source of all power. Today, our movements understand & have experienced the kind of power ordinary citizens across the globe can…
Rusia Mohiuddin
March 13, 2014

it’s coming… #30DaysUP

Universal Partnership is in the finishing stages of our next snapshot video, mind the gap, a guide to meditation for social change agents. We will kick off #30DaysUP, a meditation challenge, for everyone who wishes to get their superpowers on! We give you the tool & the…
Rusia Mohiuddin
March 11, 2014


got superpowers? interested in UP-ing your leadership impact? UP's "mind the gap" video snapshot is on the horizon for release and with it we are bringing the #30DaysUP mediation challenge. It's simple, watch the video, learn how & why meditation can increase your leadership qualities for greater…
Rusia Mohiuddin
March 8, 2014

Natalia Aristizabal On UP

Natalia is one of ten people who have worked with Rusia for over a decade. Natalia is a Senior Youth Organizer at Make the Road NY & the Secretary on the United We Dream Board. Natalia's leadership, through support & trainings, can be described as a true…
Rusia Mohiuddin
February 23, 2014

500 Dreamers Centering In Action!

What does it mean for 500 Dreamers to kick off Day 2 of the 5th Annual United We Dream National Congress from a grounded & centered place? What does it mean for us to invoke & harness our individual power for the sake of banding our collective…
Rusia Mohiuddin
February 22, 2014
snapshot videoUP+love

UP’s Building the Core

Rusia Mohiuddin, Principle at Universal Partnership,  has innovated a methodology for embodied leadership that invites participants to explore what values & principles are in their individual, organizational & community's "core". This understanding can lead the way to cultivating the kind of leadership necessary for their social change…
Rusia Mohiuddin
September 11, 2013
Org. Development

In DC with United We Dream

This Thursday kicks off a 4-month coaching consultancy with the senior staff leadership of United We Dream. UP will begin the daylong trip to DC with some executive coaching followed up with group coaching with the Policy Team!
Rusia Mohiuddin
September 10, 2013