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Committed to adopting UP's embodied organizing model

CLRJ achieves a strategic plan goal with this LEO Mini Series.

In the Summer of 2018, after completing their 5-year Strategic Plan, CLRJ organized a 5-day LEO Mini Series training for their staff and partners to learn about Embodied Organizing. Bringing 5 organizations together, to learn as one allied community, this training series combined personal leadership skills with basic to advanced embodied organizing skills.

How do we effectively improve together?

One organization, learning & training with 4 partner organizations. This is allyship.

California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, committed to adopting and implementing Embodied Organizing into the organization, contracted with UP to bring this LEO Mini series to their organization. Serving as a springboard to do the LEO Intensive, CLRJ used this training as an opportunity to build with Los Angeles allies and partner organization. This is a rare quality to have in an ally and leading statewide organization and the effort paid off.


How do we learn & build together towards lasting, impactful relationships?

Learning Embodied Organizing Skills

  • DAY 1: methodologies for social change, power, and base building dox
  • DAY 2: leadership development & 1:1’s
  • DAY 3: somatic campaign development
  • Day 4: media & messaging & effective comms
  • Day 5: direct action & coalition & movement building

And Embodied Leadership Skills

  • embodied leadership development
  • building the core
  • developing high impact leadership
  • understanding somatic shaping
  • cultivating authentic relationships with self & others

Increasing Effectiveness On Many Levels

  • personal leadership
  • allyship & generative institutional relationships
  • comprehensive campaign development
  • strategic base building plans & practices
  • effective comms geared to change hearts & minds

Covering Issues That Have Real Impact On Communities

  • reproductive justice for all
  • workers’ rights
  • immigration
  • youth & adult education