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reset + fortify

#reboot: reclaiming your inner power from burnout

a robust 1-day retreat to explore and shift the ways in which we rob ourselves of living a balanced life. a retreat geared to center our humanity, not our labor, in how we can heal through intentional self-care. integrating the individual and community, this retreat seeks to integrate contemplative, creative, and movement-based practices to surface unhealthy patterns towards shedding old habits that leave us feeling deeply tired.

this retreat will be held 45 minutes outside of new york city.

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let's get real about your wellbeing

all too often, we hear and see how dedicated folks are to their work and living their life’s purpose. we believe in you and what you do in the world AND it is not without a cost. payments made through your body, your mind, your spirit, and your life energy. and of course, costs that impact the quality of your relationships with yourself and each other. from our work, we know that the first 2 things to suffer during burnout is the relationship with oneself and then the relationships with those closest to you. 

these costs, and so many other things, deepen burnout and can create cascading states of being that negatively impact you and your well being. you deserve more. we all do.

inner change = societal change

what if I told you that centering your labor, even when the work is towards justice and work you love to do, reenforces capitalism and all the inequities that go with it, hand and glove?

if the way we do social justice work essentially mimics and upholds capitalism, then what are we really fighting for and what are we really changing?

the work of this retreat is aimed to recalibrate your life to choose to center your humanity, not your labor, so the world we are working towards creating already exists within ourselves.

self-care + community care = a successful reboot

mandala stone art

the makeup of our humanity calls upon us to express ourselves in creative ways. this part of the retreat allows us to create an artist representation of our vision while practicing a key component to our model of self-care: birthing something new into the world. this part of our time together will integrate many of the core practices we will in engage in, all in one fell swoop.

a clear plan

asking & answering key questions to lay the groundwork from which our self-care plan can be built. questions we need to ask but often put aside for the sake of the work. like, "what gives you joy?" defining practices of our own choosing that springboard then buoy us to stay on course towards a generative life of our own making.

purge practice in the pergola

a ceremony to call in the ways in which we compromise ourselves that opens us up to new possibilities. by purging old habits that do not serve us, we call into existence a new narrative and new practices towards grounded wellbeing. once each of us has spoken our intentions, we celebrate of our collective victory with s'mores!

water is life

a heated pool, for those who choose to partake, will also be the place we practice an alternative way to meditate and practice mindfulness that is incredibly serene and calming. because the retreat will also be quite spacious, folks can jump in and play as they wish.

1:1 embodied coaching session

every participant will get an exclusive 45 min embodied coaching™ session with a coach of their choosing. participants may choose to continue coaching post the retreat as well.

the right location

our retreat location is the perfect place to do the work we will set out to do. lots of green, lots of fresh air and trees, and plenty of place to be by ourselves and be in community. some amenities include a large deck, pool and pool area, pergola with fire pit, and a hammock. everything we will need and then some.

retreat with your beloveds

we can all use a buddy to do the hard work of living a balanced life. we encourage folks to participate in this retreat with your partners and/or friends so you may share in the unique experience together, learn shared language around self and community care, and develop a plan with your support present!

inclusive, self determination

we deeply respect and support all people from all walks of life. we are grounded in our belief in self-determination and for each of us to choose to live beyond societal constructs. we invite those who believe and work in alignment with this to join us.

retreat cost

models for those in the space

customized activities for the specific people in the "room"

from farm to table

the retreat includes lunch and dinner made from fresh ingredients, straight from the local farm to the grill.

mandala stone

an artistic expression of your desire for a more balanced future. you design & take home your mandala stone.

a roadmap to success

each participant will explore & develop a self-care plan with a clear vision for their desired outcomes.

individual coaching support

one 45 min session with an embodied coach to get on the spot support and guidance.

an oasis

a location magically aligned with the activities of the retreat.
supported fee

love extended

this rate is for those who need community support to attend




awesome value

this fee level covers your costs for the retreat




pay it forward

this fee level covers you AND supports one person in need of community support