our assessment

all too often, we hear + see how dedicated you all are to your work + life’s purpose. we believe in you + what you do in the world but it is not without cost. payment made through your body, your mind, your spirit, + your energy. and of course, costs that impact the quality of your relationships with yourself + each others. these costs + so many other things, cause burnout + can create cascading states of being that negatively impact you + your well being.

you deserve more + we are ready to respond.

our response

we know what it’s like for burnout to hijack our well being, + with it, our spirit + state of mind. we are not at our best when this happens + a reboot is something we must make time to do.

universal partnership’s role in the movement. among other things, is to create opportunities + tools for you to reboot + reclaim your inner power. we’re ready to do this + want to hear from you how best we can do this one day retreat so it serves you + sets you up to succeed.

how to apply

we want to ensure we are bringing the right people together, who can collectively sustain a safe space for themselves + the other participants so we may find the rest, healing, + tools to emerge from a state of burnout + reclaim our inner power + purpose.

please complete the form to apply for the retreat, answering each questions honestly and completely. your answers will remain private + will not be shared with anyone. if you should have any questions, please leave a comment on this page.