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how do you want to change?
there’s something for every way to ignite the change you need to cultivate your leadership + start bringing your whole self forward in everything you do.

ready to get started?


a retreat of loving self-examination & dreaming big

you can design a life of your own making

actalyst is a unique leadership retreat created to ignite change and sustain shifts, even in these dark political times. be prepared to swim in the oceans of your own brilliance, resiliency, and deep, grounding joy.


got superpowers?

60 days to do 30 consecutive days of meditation.
because life happens + we need infinite second chances.
join our virtual sangha to develop leadership superpowers.


reclaim your inner strength from burnout

running on fumes?
tired + don’t know what to do about it?
you need a #reboot, stat!

all too often, we hear + see how dedicated you all are to your work + life’s purpose. we believe in you + what you do in the world but it is not without cost. payment made through your body, your mind, your spirit, + your energy. and of course, costs that impact the quality of your relationships with yourself + each others. these costs + so many other things, cause burnout + can create cascading states of being that negatively impact you + your well being.

practicing justice

renew + deepen your commitment to liberation. 

a retreat like none other

grounded in self-exploration, shedding unwanted layers, + healing towards a pathway to real change.

do you know…

“what’s in your body that’s holding you back?”

how do you change the world?

“changing you IS changing the world.”

got unwanted baggage?

no… you’re set + this retreat is not for you. yes… this is retreat is an absolute must for you.

oppression lives in our bodies

#freeyourbody by shedding layers shaped by oppression + see your leadership deepen in impact.

change makers

if you are working towards a more just + liberated world, this retreat is a prerequiste for you.

seeing is believing

hear first hand experiences from participants

partner in crime 2:14

Rev. angel Kyodo williams shares why we do this retreat + why it’s important for all change makers must join us to #freeyourbody.

anthoni 1:00

the world does not make it easy for POC bodies to feel safe or vulnerable. we work exceedingly hard to bring the right folks together + to design around the actual participants to create a space that is safe to be vulnerable in.

elena 1:31

elena was looking for integration: self-love manifesting into the world + what she does in the world. did she find it at #OIS?