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a cataclysm of love

We need our collective love to be so intense that every growth burst of that love, every iteration of it, destroys the social and economic constructs that divides us.


universal partnership

at the heart of sustainable movements
must be the beat of sustainable people


surviving + thriving

strategies for self-care guide


thought leaders

instigating authentic ways to transform our wholeselves

practicing justice

what's in your body that's holding you back?



a virtual sangha to power inner change


leaders of embodied organizing

somatics + organizing = embodied organizers
cultivating skills + leadership on the frontlines



highlighting our work through storytelling


#practicingJUSTICE retreats

justice isn't a moment, it's a practice.
what we practice is who we show up as. we can’t expect to have a movement for justice if we aren’t practicing justice.


a comprehensive model for community organizers, designed for both new & experienced organizers, that seeks to develop skills, with somatic & embodied leadership lenses, to develop effective organizers while uniquely cultivating leadership that creates necessary balance & self-care so organizers feel & are able to do movement work for the long haul.

ACTALYST retreats

are you living a life of your own making?
a retreat that explores how the past & present shape us in ways that no longer serve us. learn to embody who & how you want to be in the world.
because changing you IS changing the world.


a retreat to reclaim your inner power.
living in the full breadth of your power requires practices & a plan.
develop the skills to reset & fortify towards defining a life that is balanced.


what if i told you that changing you IS changing the world?
a virtual sangha that lets you get your sit on, in community, exactly where you are.
it’s as right as rain.

warriors for embodied liberation

a 2-year teacher training program for individuals looking to cultivate skills and certification on embodied coaching™ and training, specific to the developed model of embodied leadership and embodied organizing™ as innovated by its creator, rusia mohiuddin, the principal of universal partnership.
(by invitation only)

the rooster crows

some times we blog too
leading & supporting movement work with critical thinking & sharing of innovative ideas meant to catalyze change.

snapshot videos

innovative methodologies geared to ignite transformation on individual & collective levels. models that change as we & the landscape around us changes.

changing you IS changing the world

at the core of our work at Universal Partnership (UP) is the deep belief that at the heart of sustainable movements must be the beat of sustainable people. our mission is to provide innovative healing tools, life & leadership skills to support agents of change in sustaining their humanity & the humanity of the communities they serve, by organizing from a place of power & wholeness.

change agents trained
organizations/alliances engaged
serving our movements
practitioner + teacher

UP | focus areas

what we love to do, most of all

strategic planning

UP has innovated a unique methodology for developing strategic plans that simultaneously attends to both short- + long-term goals using a somatic lens.

trainings (single or multi-day)

training imparts the analytical structure of somatics + embodied organizing, + teaches specific skills in each of our focus areas.


2-4 days retreats provide an uninterrupted environment that results in far more advancement than the equivalent time in episodic training.

leadership development

UP’s work emphasizes personal leadership skills as the foundation for sustainability + effectiveness.

organizational development

the overarching goal of UP’s work is to reshape organizational culture to prioritize wellness + dignity towards high efficiency + external impact.

embodied coaching™

UP engages the whole agency in every focus area + on every level using the embodied coaching™, a coaching methodology created by UP’s Principal Rusia Mohiuddin, (individual, staff-wide, executive, + the board).