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actalyst: an embodied leadership retreat


WHERE: the movement center

30 mins from New York City

the actalyst retreat

are you living a life of your own making?

have you ever imagined living in the full breadth of your life, love, power, and joy? what would you do to create a life, of your own making, that centers your humanity and purpose as the forces that drive what you feel and do?

a retreat of loving self-examination & dreaming big

you can design a life of your own making

actalyst is a unique leadership retreat created to ignite change and sustain shifts, even in these dark political times. be prepared to swim in the oceans of your own brilliance, resiliency, and deep, grounding joy.

the door is open, you just have to walk through it

let's create a gentle, yet powerful, space with many moments of truths

a slow descent into the deep waters of our life to gently examine the truths of who and how we’ve been in the world. to imagine and create the future, we must first reflect on how our relationships and environment have shaped us. an assessment, free of shame, free from guilt, aimed to shed illumination on the variables that have defined our life thus far. in doing so, we will build the springboard that catapults us to a life of our own making.

this work will include:

  • 5 dimensions of existence & action
  • individual work/assessment
  • small group coaching

to cast or shed in the process of renewal and for the sake of new growth

like the moulting process of crustaceans (crabs and shrimps), where the arthropods shed their exoskeleton to allow for organic growth, this past of the retreat will work with energetic vibrations to shake and shed the layers of our life that no longer serve us. while this process is called ecdysis for insects, in our work, we are calling this process actalysis.

building from the data of our self-examination,

to manifest the unique vibration of each participant toward intentionally shedding ways of being that have outlived their usefulness, we will use:

  • movement-based exercises
  • energy work
  • dance

our body already knows who we are & how we want to be in the world

tap into the wisdom of your body and intentionally create a source of authentic information to guide you from moment to moment. your body is a powerhouse of wisdom that we are societally taught to override and overlook. by reclaiming and cultivating our bodies as a guiding star to navigate life, we can remain aligned with our purpose and the values at the core of who we are and how we want to be in the world.

in centering the wisdom of our bodies, we will engage in:

  • guided meditation
  • envisioning slaying obstacles & challenges towards visioning a clear path for the future
  • defining joy

a dynamic plan that visually builds our path to a life of contentment

this isn’t a retreat of wishes. we won’t build together and then cross our fingers that folks will know what to do moving beyond our time together. nope. this is a retreat to develop actalysts- folks who are ready to shed, shake, and design a grounded, acutely aligned life of their own making. and to do this, we are gonna need a plan. a visual plan at that.

this work will include:

  • a visual plan, centering joy & core values
  • small group coaching

we think, feel, & do what we practice

there are so many adages on practice, and frankly, they are all true. šŸ˜³
we are, in fact, what we practice, both intentionally and unconsciously. grounding our change process(es) with intentionally practices is a key to success. this is an embodied leadership retreat afterall.

we will:

  • practice
  • practice
  • and practice some more

retreat costs

the breakdown

to make this work possible & affordable, our costs are broken down in two categories:

  1. room & board (TBD)
  2. tuition fee

we have not sought funding for this work so we may shape it based on the participants (each time) and we can be free of the restrictions & requirements that sometimes couple foundation grants.

*refunds are possible up till 2 weeks before day 1 of the retreat.

supported fee

love extended

this fee offers community love & supportĀ 


(total including room & board = $800)


awesome value

this fee level covers your costs for the retreat


(total including room & board = $900)


pay it forward

this fee level covers you AND supports one person in need of community support


(total including room & board = $1000)

the actalyst team

rusia mohiuddin

creator | master facilitator

Rusia N. Mohiuddin, based in New York, is a master trainer/facilitator & somatic coach who pioneered the integration of somatics into an organizing framework. Her current mission, through UP, has been developing a holistic model for social justice change work that places in its center the necessary transformation of social change agents. Rusia brings a unique style to creating pathways for individuals to bring their best selves forward when enacting social change in their organizations & communities.

Rusia has developed a model for community organizing, called Embodied Organizing, and a model for coaching, called Embodied Coaching. She uses both in her teacher-training program, Warriors for Embodied Liberation (WEL), students of which serve as apprentices for all actalyst retreats.

WEL Support

retreat apprentices & coaches

Warriors for Embodied Liberation (WEL) is a teacher-training program of universal partnership, designed and trained by rusia mohiuddin. WEL is a 2-year program that guides participants in a intense change process as the grounding to learning Embodied Coaching and Training. All WEL participants are required to participate in practicing justice retreats (1.0 & 2.0) and apprentice in at least one practicing justice 1.0 retreat.