#30DaysUP: get your superpowers on



are you ready to live your best life?

the Fall is
for change work.

join UP to get your superpowers on to develop skilled mindfulness towards living your best life.

via #30DaysUP meditation challenge, the change process is two-fold:

  • cultivating self-awareness will sharpen your focus, balance your mood, + allow you to more accurately see what is, as it is happening. this is essential to powerful + impactful leadership that motivates + inspires others; and
  • beginning to understand our own emotions + how we can cultivate self-compassion, will intentionally shape your leadership + your interactions with authentic compassion for self + others.

what you will get from this challenge?

  • video tutorial on how to meditate, designed by Rusia N. Mohiuddin & narrated by Rev. angel Kyodo williams.
  • weekly email offerings, framed to support living your best life (as defined by you), that will help unpack areas of imbalance in your life towards centering power + dignity that will have a meaningful impact on you, your leadership, and your relationship to self + others.
  • a private community for you to share your thoughts + questions + get support
  • optional: 1:1 bi-monthly coaching sessions with your very own coach

like most things, there are many layers to these main takeaways. Lucia Gomez-Jimenez + Jaritza Geigel wrote about these many layers after the first round of #30DaysUp.


$47 – join us and gain access to weekly guiding + catalyzing emails, including access to a private support group to share daily practice learnings + progress for less than a dollar per day.

$105 – in addition to the $47-level benefits, you will be connected to a coach to support you in your practice, change process, + developing living your best life practices. this can be an invaluable resource to a successful #30DaysUP challenge. bi-monthly check-ins for a total of 4 coaching sessions ($300+ savings), at $1.75 per day.


    • 105 $
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