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the embodied social justice 60 hr certification program

“Without inner change there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.” — REV ANGEL KYODO WILLIAMS

Are you ready to herald the awakening of a world ripe to respond to the social justice issues of our time? Are you committed to collective liberation, unlearning oppressive social systems, and restoring and repairing our social contract with one another?

Then we wholeheartedly invite you to our first-of-its-kind 60-hour Foundational Embodied Social Justice Certificate Program.

The Foundational Embodied Social Justice Certificate Program is a 3-month online program that explores how we embody unjust social conditions, how oppression affects our relationship with our body, and how we can harness the body’s wisdom in making our social justice work more grounded, responsive, and sustainable. The program brings together seasoned practitioners, elders, and community change agents to share strategies and offer tools in the collective work of transforming our bodies and our world. Offered by leading-edge teachers working at the intersection of embodiment and social justice, the program follows a simple structure of twice-weekly classes, practical workshops, and integrative learning conversations that culminate in a collaborative creative project focused on real-world applications.

A Depth Track is being offered this year as an add-on to the Foundational Embodied Social Justice Certificate program, and is only available to 2021 Certificate alumni and 2022 students enrolled in the Certificate program. The Depth Track is designed to deepen your knowledge in particular areas related to Embodied Social Justice. Learn more about the Depth Track below.

Rusia Mohiuddin

Author Rusia Mohiuddin

Rusia is the Principal of Universal Partnership. She has been doing work in our movements, in various capacities, for nearly 30 years. At the heart of Rusia's work is the core belief that "changing you IS changing the world."

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