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reboot: reclaiming inner power from burnout

By February 26, 2015April 28th, 2023Leadership Dev., retreat


you know how we do…  we keep a pulse on what is happening with organizers + social change agents + we constantly assess what we are doing + what we can be doing to serve our community through our work.

all too often, we hear + see how dedicated you all are to your work + life’s purpose. we believe in you + what you do in the world but it is not without cost. payment made through your body, your mind, your spirit, + your energy. and of course, costs that impact the quality of your relationships with yourself + each others. these costs + so many other things, cause burnout + can create cascading states of being that negatively impact you + your well being.

you deserve more + we are ready to respond.

we are in the midst of developing a retreat this Summer that aims to support you to reclaim your inner power from a perpetual state of burnout.

we know what it’s like for burnout to hijack our well being, + with it, our spirit + state of mind. we are not at our best when this happens + a reboot is something we must make time to do.

universal partnership’s role in the movement. among other things, is to create opportunities + tools for you to reboot + reclaim your inner power. we’re ready to do this + want to hear from you how best we can do this one day retreat so it serves you + sets you up to succeed.

please begin by answering these two poll questions. you may choose multiple answers to both polls:
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if you are interested in applying for the reboot retreat, please complete this form:
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Rusia Mohiuddin

Author Rusia Mohiuddin

Rusia is the Principal of Universal Partnership. She has been doing work in our movements, in various capacities, for nearly 30 years. At the heart of Rusia's work is the core belief that "changing you IS changing the world."

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