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exploring human nature: part 3

By January 23, 2017transformational, WEL
warriors for embodied liberation (WEL) is an apprenticeship program developed and lead by universal partnership's principle, rusia mohiuddin. WEL is a 2-year training program in which the students learn and practice the core methodologies for embodied training and coaching. as a part of their studies, students explore, learn, and develop pieces on their understanding of many things related to change work. one of the first points of entry, into understand the work UP does, is human nature. what is human behavior and how does change happen? this is a five-part series. each piece has an accompanying audio file for those who prefer to listen to each article on their way to or from work. a playlist will be included at the end of part five.

human nature

by jaritza geigel 

It’s knowing the difference between wanting you and needing you. That when I feel I need you that’s just the loneliness talking telling me to run back to what I used to understand as safety but knowing it will only cause the same harm it did before.

It’s being unused to letting go even though I feel lighter; clearer. It’s reminding myself everyday that our plans can change and it can be a good thing. It’s not taking what’s in front of you at face value and wondering if you’ll take the leap to see the layers beneath the surface.

It’s choosing to stay in the same state of survival that you’ve learned through your adolescent experience or deciding to make some real shifts so you can move into action that propels you further in your life.

Human nature is when you look for others to fill in the gaps of what we feel are missing when we should be looking internally within ourselves.

It’s when a man says he down to be your friend after you turn him down, but doesn’t reach out because we both know what he wanted to hang around for. It’s reminding myself in those moments not to take it out on the rest of the humans of the world.

It’s understanding that the world doesn’t revolve around any one individual and so we all impact one another.  The only thing you have control over is yourself and how you want others to experience you. It’s also accepting people change and not always when or how you need them to.

It’s having my heart catch up to what my mind has accepted and acknowledges.

One thing about human nature that is definite is that whether it’s for better or for worse people change.

Jaritza Geigel

Author Jaritza Geigel

Poet. Black. Womyn. I'm constantly engaged in state of change and learning moments. I didn't have a visual for what I wanted to see so I decided to become it.

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