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it’s coming… #30DaysUP

By March 11, 2014April 28th, 2023#30DaysUP, Practice, UP


Universal Partnership is in the finishing stages of our next snapshot video, mind the gap, a guide to meditation for social change agents. We will kick off #30DaysUP, a meditation challenge, for everyone who wishes to get their superpowers on!

We give you the tool & the support community, you bring your commitment & desire to be the superhero change maker your leadership calls you to be in your work & life!

Start using the hashtag, #30DaysUP, & we will find you & connect you to the launch of our snapshot video & the commencement of UP’s 30-day meditation challenge. In life, as always, for best results, engage a friend or your direct community to join & support you! All it takes is 3o days to change your life… guaranteed!

Rusia Mohiuddin

Author Rusia Mohiuddin

Rusia is the Principal of Universal Partnership. She has been doing work in our movements, in various capacities, for nearly 30 years. At the heart of Rusia's work is the core belief that "changing you IS changing the world."

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