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are you ready to change your life in 60 days?

BEGINS JULY 1st, 2017 

we’re ready to take things up a notch in this next round of #30DaysUP!
Like, before, we want to challenge + support you to develop superpowers that increase your self-awareness, your awareness of others. this rounds theme, to match the season of transition, our theme will be “letting go”.

got superpowers?

what you get
how it works
  • video tutorial on how to meditate, narrated by Rev. angel Kyodo williams.
  • weekly offerings that will help unpack areas of suffering in your life towards transforming them into happiness that will have a meaningful impact on you + your leadership.
  • a private community for you to share your thoughts + questions + get support!
  • a formal check-in for all participants to share + get support via a video (or audio, if you prefer) conference. will include some key tools to continue your practice.
  • one 1:1 session with student-teachers, Jaritza Geigel or Lucia Gomez, by request within the 60 days of the challenge period.

the change process this challenge will catalyze is two-fold:

  • cultivating self-awareness will sharpen your focus, level your mood, + allow you to more accurately see what is, as it is happening. this is essential to powerful + impactful leadership that motivates + inspires others.
  • beginning to understand our own suffering + how we can create self-compassion from it, will intentionally shape your leadership + your interactions with authentic compassion for self + others.

like most things, there are many layers to these main takeaways. Lucia Gomez-Jimenez + Jaritza Geigel wrote about these many layers after the first round of #30DaysUp.

what do I have to do?
need more info?

nothing. we want it to be about choice not absolutes. 🙂

bare bones, we want you to chose to complete 30 consecutive days of meditation in 60 days. this means, you can start on day 1 of the challenge, do 7 days of meditation, perhaps miss a day or two, + still have time to start over at 1 + be able to complete 30 straight days of meditation before the challenge ends.


essentially, there is one thing you will want to do to successfully complete the challenge… meditate at least 5 minutes every day for 30 consecutive days.

pretty easy, huh?

you can also chose to the following things, as well, that will dramatically enhance + solidify your practice towards embodying your new superpowers:

  • journal every day to log your progress + the many things that come up for you from day to day. since this challenge has a theme of growing happiness from our suffering, journaling your thoughts + experiences will be a healthy + healing way to progress throughout the 60 days.
  • share your progress with the #30DaysUP community or your own community. this is a great way to stay motivated + motivate others. inspiration is a big part of this work, both for you + for others. last round, many folks used the DayOne app publishing feature to post to twitter + facebook to share their progress + inspire many to join or renew their own meditation practice. it was quite the mini revolution!
  • invite others to sit with you! sharing is caring + sitting with others is something rather beautiful.

that’s cool. email us directly at rusia@universalpartnership.org

share your thoughts.
share your questions?
share your hopes + hesitancies.

we’re ready to sit with you to get your superpowers on!

how do you sit?

#30DaysUP: supplemental journaling practice

#30DaysUPLeadership Dev.
June 15, 2017

meditation is life

Meditation. It’s been like getting to know an old friend who I haven’t seen in awhile. My mind, my body, my spirit, I find sometimes wishes that it was all I did do most days. Alas, like all things, I simply settle for carving out increasing increments…
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February 23, 2015

#30DaysUP: love must be one + two at the same time

#30DaysUP day 38: love must be one + two at the same time having one of those moments… one in which I have known something for so long and yet find it remarkably revelatory when applied to something new or seen with a new lens. i forever…
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February 3, 2015

#30DaysUP day 27: fleeting moments

from my practice journal: did i really just say i hate my life? yet another way i create suffering in my life… letting myself become overwhelmed by superficially bad moments that i can make fleeting. of course, i don’t hate my life. had a shitty day or…
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January 28, 2015

#30DaysUP Day 22: un-f*@&ing-apologetic

#30DaysUP Day 22: un-fucking-apologetic pardon the profanity but it’s necessary to exorcise the demon of perpetual apologies. maria asked why am i apologizing? is it necessary? aren’t just claiming what’s right for you? who + what are you apologizing to + for? well, gangsta… def a doable…
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January 17, 2015

#30DaysUP Day 10: agitation is my friend

#30DaysUP Day 10: agitation is my friend so many discoveries leading up to, into, + after my early sit today. typically, i prefer to sit in the evenings but today, something triggered some deep feelings of agitation + I decided to sit early. too many lessons today,…
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#30DaysUP#30DaysUP Private
January 14, 2015

#30DaysUP: forgiveness

day 6... we all can be stank from time to time. regular meditation doesn't erase normal human emotions from your actions but it does offer choices + your ability to chose has more intent than the typical reaction we so often subject ourselves + others to. I…
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#30DaysUP#30DaysUP Private
January 7, 2015

#30DaysUP: and so it begins…

did you get your sit on today? we have officially launched #30DaysUP with our first day of UP's 30-day meditation challenge! here's my first share: the sweetness of a sit made sweeter by those joining me across the country. so simple, the rise + fall of the belly,…
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November 17, 2014

#30DaysUP: a buck fifty a day

snapshot: what's #30DaysUP + what do you get? are you ready to change your life in 60 days? we're ready to take things up a notch in this next round of #30DaysUP! Like, before, we want to challenge + support you to develop superpowers that increase your…
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#30DaysUPLeadership Dev.PracticeUP
June 10, 2014

Lucia Gomez-Jimenez + #30DaysUP

I admit that I enjoy and actually look for a good challenge. I thrive in challenging environments. I make the best of a given situation and feel comfortable assessing and navigating rough waters. Therefore when I saw Universal Partnership's #30daysUP meditation challenge, I thought - why not?…
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May 6, 2014

Day 30 of #30DaysUP: wax on, wax off

for those who have kicked it with a sit every day from giddy up, this is day 30. so sweet. how do you feel? what leadership superpowers surfaced for you? drop a comment + share with us how you did. if you are still at it, that,…
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April 21, 2014

Day 15 of #30DaysUP: all is lost

we are officially on the other half of our 30-day challenge. fifteen days into cultivating our leadership superpowers. two weeks from changing ourselves + our world from, at minimum, 75 minutes of accumulated meditation. so simple, so incredible. this is your work. this is the work of…
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April 18, 2014

where in the world are you?

#30DaysUP is UP & running with 57 people across the country participating in our 30-Day meditation challenge. Surely, people are feeling & flexing their superpowers by now! I want to ask each of you to take a quick moment to leave a comment on this post, indicating…
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