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#30DaysUP Private

#30DaysUP#30DaysUP Private
January 14, 2015

#30DaysUP: forgiveness

day 6... we all can be stank from time to time. regular meditation doesn't erase normal human emotions from your actions but it does offer choices + your ability to chose has more intent than the typical reaction we so often subject ourselves + others to. I…
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#30DaysUP#30DaysUP Private
January 7, 2015

#30DaysUP: and so it begins…

did you get your sit on today? we have officially launched #30DaysUP with our first day of UP's 30-day meditation challenge! here's my first share: the sweetness of a sit made sweeter by those joining me across the country. so simple, the rise + fall of the belly,…
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