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25 years of movement experience = expert versatility

all of our work is grounded in common standards.
somatics-informed embodied leadership (individual & collective), practice-driven change, racial equity lens, and custom work for every engagement because one size does not fit all

strategic planning

Today, political and economic uncertainty is the norm and the pace of technological and social change has vastly accelerated. While the environment in which movement work has and continues to rapidly change, the tools with which we analyze, assess, and plan our work has not evolved much and, in many cases, become antiquated.

In order to ensure a strategic plan is holistic, dynamic in every way, and that it serves the organization throughout the breadth of the years planned, Universal Partnership’s Principal, Rusia N. Mohiuddin, has adapted and developed an innovative strategic planning process that integrates a deep understanding of the community which the organization serves, values, and best practices based on core principles driving the organization. Ultimately, the strategic plan should yield a dynamic, not static, understanding and plan that has anticipated social, political, economic and technological shifts affecting the constituency and is prepared to act as these shifts begin to take shape.

Assessments & Analyses

*Organizational 360 Assessment
*SWOT Analysis
*Aligning Organization Values & Principles
*Developing A High Impact Organization
*Landscape Analysis
*Somatic Shape Of Our Communities/Organization
*Survival Strategies
*Community Needs Assessment
*Stakeholders Roundtable
*Funding Climate Assessment
*Compass Point Matrix

Development & Plans

*Mission Statement
*Vision Statement
*Values Statement
*Theory Of Change
*Best Practices
*Goals & Objectives
*Strategies & Tactics
*Development Plan
*An Implementation (Action) Plan
*Strategic Plan Progress Assessment & Planning

Recent Work

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Accessibility (IDEA)

By exploring, assessing and developing a deep understanding of the makeup of organizational ecosystems (on an individual level, staff team level, and the internal and external impact of organizational work) development of IDEA principles is work towards identifying the values currently exist within the organization and where there is room to grow and develop.

As with all work with UP, this work must be designed specifically for the organization and the work they do. Using innovative methodologies, the development of IDEA principles is not only about espousing a set of statements that represent the heart of an organization's values but it is about planning and implementing the manifestation of those values and principles into action and practices.

Assessments & Analyses

*Organizational 360 Assessment
*Analysis of Organizational Ecosystem
*Building the Core: Aligning Organization Values & Principles
*Developing A High Impact Organization
*Somatic Shape Of Our Team/Organization
*Organizational Survival Strategies
*Embodied Coaching™

Development & Plans

*IDEA Statement Of Values/Principles
*Best Practices
*Goals & Objectives
*High Impact Team/Organizational Development Plan
*Embodied Feedback & Listening Skills/Practices
*Embodied Conflict Resolution
*An Implementation (Action) Plan
*Progress Assessment & Planning

Recent Work

embodied coaching™

Embodied coaching™ (EO) is a model of coaching, developed by rusia mohiuddin, that centers humanity and is driven by practices of change that acutely align with who and how we want to be in the world. embodied coaching™ integrates both how unique experiences shape individuals/collectives as well as a our understanding of how we tend to change, intentionally & unintentionally.

EO engages unique processes for both individual and group coaching, developing than relying on shared values to carve a path to our authentic selves. Typical engagement of individual track coaching is 3-12 months. building on a strong foundation of choice and power, EO individual track is guided by the 7 Principles of Change.

Individual Coaching

+Executive Coaching
+Senior Staff/Management Coaching
+Organizer Coaching
+Entry-level Coaching
+Personal & Professional Coaching
*Embodied Coaching™ 7 Principles Of Change
*Building the Core
*Authentic Storytelling
*Mindfulness & Healing
*Body-based exploration of self

Group Coaching

+Board Coaching
+Executive Board Coaching
+Senior Staff Coaching
+Management Staff Coaching
+Executive Team Coaching
+Campaign Team Coaching
*Department Coaching
*3-6 month engagement
*Shape Of Our Team
*Embodied Conflict Resolution
*Cultural Change

Recent Work