Warriors for Embodied Liberation (WEL) is a 2-year teacher training program for individuals looking to cultivate skills and certification on embodied coaching™ and training, specific to the developed model of embodied leadership and embodied organizing™ as innovated by its creator, rusia mohiuddin, the principal of universal partnership.


the WEL program includes 24 daylong trainings and 12 (50 minute) coaching sessions that will run from October 2019 through September 2021.

the cost of the yearlong program is as follows:

  • $2400.00 per year, for self-pay; or
  • $2700.00 per year, for institutional support.
everything you need to know to…

make a grounded decision.

WEL is a rigorous cohort-based teacher training program. to complete the program and certification process requires a grounded understanding of the expectations and requirements.

this is a practice-driven program.

from this grounding, applicants will need to assess desire to participate with the ability to fully engage in the WEL work and community. applicants can review this document for detailed information on program objectives, learnings and requirements.

please note that this program is not a public offering. by opening/downloading the WEL Y4 document, you agree to not share, copy, adapt, or distribute materials and/or components within the document.

this application process was designed and is led by cohort 3 teacher-students.

I am ready to apply


  • complete application
  • schedule interview
  • complete interview
  • applicant notification
  • cohort 4 session in october 2019

decision-making process

  • WEL cohort 3 (C3) reviews applications
  • C3 determines which applicants to interview based on application
  • Paired C3 teams interview applicants
  • C3, based on interview teams’ recommendations, make a collective decision on applicants to invite into C4
  • C3 makes final recommendation to rusia to determine cohort 4 participants


  • application process opens august 1st, 2019
  • application process closes august 23rd, 2019 @ 11:59pm
  • application review between august 23rd- september 1st 2019
  • confirmation of interview dates/times september 6th, 2019
  • conduct interviews september 9-23rd, 2019
  • notification & finalize cohort 4 september 27th, 2019

things to consider

  • applicant understands requirements & expectations
  • organization (if applicable) is aware of & supports applicant’s participation in WEL
  • applicant plans & creates availability for the full application process
  • timely availability of applicant to complete & engage in process & to cohort 3

during and after the program, participants will…

  • Formally be certified as an Embodied Coach™ and Embodied Trainer/Facilitator;
  • Cultivate a client base to coach using UP’s Embodied Coaching methodology, principles and values;
  • Develop sharp skills in:
  • Supervisory and managerial excellence;
  • Authentic embodied leadership skills that inspire others to bring their best selves forward in their life and work;
  • Focus on generative problem-solving;
  • Develop effective collective and group work; and
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency with acuteness that honors their work and their humanity.
  • Design and facilitate embodied leadership retreats, such as #practicingJUSTICE 1.0 (daylong versions);
  • Integrate embodied leadership practices into their work using innovative and personal styles; and
  • Develop grounding relationships, throughout the program, to serve as a support community moving forward.
certification requirements
grounded practice
accrued coaching hours
accrued training hours

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