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snapshot video

#30DaysUPMEDIAsnapshot video
April 4, 2014

this right here… mind the gap #30DaysUP

You've been waiting for it... You've been aching for it... Your leadership has been thirsting for it... and now, yes NOW, it's here in all its splendor and glory! MIND THE GAP snapshot video is here to virtually teach you how to meditate, just in time for…
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#30DaysUPMEDIAsnapshot video
March 26, 2014

more goodness avails for #30DaysUP

Yup, this is Rev. angel Kyodo williams. Many, MANY of us in NY who practice meditation and mindfulness learned how to do so from this brilliant & inspiring woman, yours truly included. angel is onboard to narrate the UPcoming snapshot video on meditation called, "mind the gap."…
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snapshot videoUP+love
September 11, 2013

UP’s Building the Core

Rusia Mohiuddin, Principle at Universal Partnership, ┬áhas innovated a methodology for embodied leadership that invites participants to explore what values & principles are in their individual, organizational & community's "core". This understanding can lead the way to cultivating the kind of leadership necessary for their social change…
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