LEO 2019: Opening Retreat Oct 22nd-24th 2019


You can now attend single events for the LEO Intensive. This page is for the Opening Retreat.
    • Organizing 101 & Methodologies for Social Change
    • Historical Shaping & Defining Your Personal Leadership
    • Understanding Power In Organizing & Building A Base
    • Developing Practices
    • Martial Arts: Understanding Centering In Action
    • Meditation & Mindfulness Practices
    • Personal Leadership Development

more info on single session participation:

  • you can now participate in the opening retreat and/or any single session(s) with a simple registration.
  • you can chose the skills you need to learn and build and participant in a way that suits where you are in your work and learning process.
  • The cost of the opening retreat (Oct. 22-24th) will be more as it includes overnight stay at the bailey farms and will gift you an aikido staff, the jo, with your participation ($1055/per person).
  • All other sessions will be $350/per person.

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