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are you ready for what’s ahead in 2018?

as we prepare for the transitions of Fall, let us build/strengthen our resilience and innate ability to reset and fortify ourselves by focusing our practice on self-care.

join UP to get your self-care superpowers on to gracefully prepare yourself for the transitions of Fall.

via #30DaysUP meditation challenge, the change process is two-fold:

  • cultivating self-awareness will sharpen your focus, level your mood, + allow you to more accurately see what is, as it is happening. this is essential to powerful + impactful leadership that motivates + inspires others; and
  • beginning to understand our own suffering + how we can create self-compassion from it, will intentionally shape your leadership + your interactions with authentic compassion for self + others, serving as a firm base to understand + develop self-care practices as the final manifestation of your daily practice.

what you will get from this challenge?

  • video tutorial on how to meditate, narrated by Rev. angel Kyodo williams.
  • weekly offerings that will help unpack areas of imbalance in your life towards centering power + dignity that will have a meaningful impact on you, your leadership, and your relationship to self + others.
  • a private community for you to share your thoughts + questions + get support!
  • a formal check-in for all participants to share + get support via a video (or audio, if you prefer) conference. will include some key tools to continue your practice.
  • one 1:1 coaching session with a student-teachers from UP’s Warriors for Embodied Liberation project (optional).

like most things, there are many layers to these main takeaways. Lucia Gomez-Jimenez + Jaritza Geigel wrote about these many layers after the first round of #30DaysUp.


$35 – join us and gain access to weekly guiding + inspirational emails, including access to a private support group to share daily practice learnings + progress for half a penny per day.

$105 – in addition to the $35-level benefits, you will be connected to a coach to support you in your practice, change process, + developing self-care practices. this can be an invaluable resource to a successful #30DaysUP challenge. bi-monthly check-ins for a total of 4 coaching sessions ($300+ savings), at $1.75 per day.


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