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joy and justice virtual retreat

how are you manifesting joy in your life towards achieving justice?
- people choose everything but joy, and mistakenly think that sacrificing joy is a move toward justice.
- isn't it time for you to practice joy and justice?
What will you get from this?
- the joy and justice retreat (jjr) is about discovering your "deepest yes." (Audre Lorde)
- jjr invites individuals to align needs with purpose and the real justice the world needs.
- individuals will both collectively and individually attune to and name their wants, needs, and dreams.
Who is this for?
- anyone who identifies as a social and environmental justice leader and organizer.
- anyone who identifies as educators and teachers in both traditional and non traditional learning environments.
- this retreat is designed to meet people where they are at, across lines of difference.
What is our unique approach?
- we attune to unconscious beliefs and narratives that have been integrated into our bodies.
- embodied leadership strengthens our capacity to detangle from a false sense of urgency and re-centers joy in every moment toward real justice.

meet your joy and justice facilitators

dr. dana dunwoody


dr. dana dunwoody is a developmental psychologist, facilitator, educator, activist, and organizer whose work focuses on exploring the ways critical love fosters transformative justice spaces across and within intergenerational cross-cultural formal and informal learning and unlearning environments.

dr. d is invested in the development of radically collaborative spaces that engage people in praxtice of be(com)ing -- visioning and designing a life of our own making -- to foster individual, collective, and systemic connections, collaboration, and liberation.

praxtice is informed by Embodied Liberation™ , Radical Dharma, Critical Theory, Native Self Actualization, water is life, play as a priority, and cocoa butter kisses.

dr.d loves to move and play indoors and outside. they are a facilitator of movement with consciousness and lead several community based programs yearly supporting adults return to play, playfulness, and radical self care

Mustiafa Sullivan


Mustafa Sullivan was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York as a Black Muslim. He builds by using active listening, compassionate agitation, fearless strategy, spiritual prowess, and a side of Black Caribbean Gay Muslim warrior wisdom. He works tirelessly to build an ongoing national movement of Trans Queer and Gender non-conforming youth leaders to reinvent America's schools in multiple states across the US. He uses the tools he's learned from movement building with youth and communities of color who face multiple intersections of oppression through building intentional disciplined movements.

Outside of his organizing work he has been writing for over twenty years by creating original plays, poems, short stories, and a novel he works on when he has the time. He believes the world can change using three ingredients: love, light, and revolution.

He also leads monthly healing circles through Urban Atabex Organizing and Healing Network. He is also an Embodied Leadership Coach through Warriors for Embodied Liberation and the Universal Partnership.

what’s your investment? 

love extended


awesome value


pay it forward


what are the dates? 

friday march 31st

5pm et – 8:30pm et

saturday april 1st

12m et – 4pm e

sunday april 2nd

12pm et – 4pm et