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the “I” in “We”

The “I” In “We” The Need For Personal Growth in Organizational Development By Rusia Mohiuddin originally published in OD Network (Winter 2016 Vol. 47) The focus in traditional organization development (OD) has often concentrated on collective practices, structure, and overall impact of the work based on internal alignment…
Rusia Mohiuddin
August 8, 2016
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vomiting rage

In the 5th century, Greek philosopher Democritus, first theorized that atoms are constantly moving. Today, we understand that these building blocks of matter are, in fact, in constant motion and that this activity produces energy. Scientifically, in the most remedial sense, we are made up of atoms…
Rusia Mohiuddin
October 12, 2015

LEO organizer: jaritza geigel

Trusting isn’t easy and to stand here and tell you why working on the conditioned tendencies activity during the LEO retreat is important to me feels like a lot. Initially, the thought of sharing back personal ordeals with colleagues that I didn't really know made me want to run in…
Jaritza Geigel
July 15, 2015

i am… a LEO Organizer!

Partnered with Make the Road NY, last friday marked the celebration + end of Leaders of Embodied Organizing's first 11-week intensive. LEO graduated 14 organizers skilled in the embodied organizing model of community organizing. Developed by the Principle of Universal Partnership, Rusia N. Mohiuddin, the embodied organizing model…
Rusia Mohiuddin
June 29, 2015

#30DaysUP day 27: fleeting moments

from my practice journal: did i really just say i hate my life? yet another way i create suffering in my life… letting myself become overwhelmed by superficially bad moments that i can make fleeting. of course, i don’t hate my life. had a shitty day or…
Rusia Mohiuddin
February 3, 2015

#30DaysUP Day 22: un-f*@&ing-apologetic

#30DaysUP Day 22: un-fucking-apologetic pardon the profanity but it’s necessary to exorcise the demon of perpetual apologies. maria asked why am i apologizing? is it necessary? aren’t just claiming what’s right for you? who + what are you apologizing to + for? well, gangsta… def a doable…
Rusia Mohiuddin
January 28, 2015

UWD Leadership “I Can’t Breathe”

every time I am with + leave these young warriors, chants stay singing in my head, reverberating in my heart, + i fill my space with the words that move me so. last year at the uwd congress it was "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN" +…
Rusia Mohiuddin
January 27, 2015