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Leadership Dev.retreat
February 26, 2015

reboot: reclaiming inner power from burnout

you know how we do...  we keep a pulse on what is happening with organizers + social change agents + we constantly assess what we are doing + what we can be doing to serve our community through our work. all too often, we hear + see how…
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January 27, 2015

UWD Leadership “I Can’t Breathe”

every time I am with + leave these young warriors, chants stay singing in my head, reverberating in my heart, + i fill my space with the words that move me so. last year at the uwd congress it was "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN" +…
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November 7, 2014

#OIS 2015: #freeyourbody

#freeyourbody FEBRUARY 27th-MARCH 1st, 2015                        deepen your self-knowledge + unleash your true leadership potential no matter who we are, + what we do, our leadership presence + style is deeply shaped by our environment + our contexts.…
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October 28, 2014

a picture tells a thousand words…

...but a picture with words can tell the whole story. #OIS we're going to do all again in the winter of 2015. tell your friends! for more info, please email us at events@universalpartnership.org  
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October 6, 2014

in the deep end for liberation

a beautiful Fall backdrop ushered in the weekend of Oppression In the Soma retreat at Garrison Institute on Friday, September 26th, 2014. it was an amazing retreat, with amazing participants, who dove deep in for self- + collective liberation. over the next few weeks, we will share more…
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August 16, 2014

locked in your body + holding you back

#freeyourbody   REGISTER NOW! #freeyourbody: unleash your leadership potential 9/26-28/2014 a retreat of exploration + change this is a retreat for anyone, working in any field, who is passionate about social justice. if you have a socio-political lens with which you view + navigate the world, then this retreat…
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July 14, 2014

a retreat of exploration + change

  when we think about our leadership in the context of the socio, political, economical, + environmental landscapes, we inevitably come up against the deeply embedded ways in which systems of oppression continually shape who + how we are in the world. this retreat aims to explore, with…
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