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Leadership Dev.

#30DaysUPLeadership Dev.
June 15, 2017

meditation is life

Meditation. It’s been like getting to know an old friend who I haven’t seen in awhile. My mind, my body, my spirit, I find sometimes wishes that it was all I did do most days. Alas, like all things, I simply settle for carving out increasing increments…
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approachLeadership Dev.UPUP+lovewritings
October 12, 2015

vomiting rage

Part 1 of 3 In the 5th century, Greek philosopher Democritus, first theorized that atoms are constantly moving. Today, we understand that these building blocks of matter are, in fact, in constant motion and that this activity produces energy. Scientifically, in the most remedial sense, we are…
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Leadership Dev.retreat
February 26, 2015

reboot: reclaiming inner power from burnout

you know how we do...  we keep a pulse on what is happening with organizers + social change agents + we constantly assess what we are doing + what we can be doing to serve our community through our work. all too often, we hear + see how…
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Leadership Dev.MEDIATestimonials
June 20, 2014

ypp: the sum of us is courage personified

click to watch on mobile device it is true that what we can accomplish together is far greater than what can do on our own. however, the skills and qualities of the individuals who make up the sum, greatly impacts the effectiveness of what they can achieve together. it is with this intention, that…
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#30DaysUPLeadership Dev.PracticeUP
June 10, 2014

Lucia Gomez-Jimenez + #30DaysUP

I admit that I enjoy and actually look for a good challenge. I thrive in challenging environments. I make the best of a given situation and feel comfortable assessing and navigating rough waters. Therefore when I saw Universal Partnership's #30daysUP meditation challenge, I thought - why not?…
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Leadership Dev.MEDIA
March 13, 2014

Jadu Miah: Magic Man

Yesterday marked the 35th death anniversary of the founding father of the Bangladeshi independence struggle, Mashiur Rahman "Jadu Miah", my maternal grandfather. The people are the source of all power. Today, our movements understand & have experienced the kind of power ordinary citizens across the globe can…
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Leadership Dev.Org. DevelopmentUP
February 28, 2014

Staff Development with MRNY Long Island

In Brentwood, NY, resides the Long Island office of Make the Road NY. With over three years of organizing under their belt, the staff leading the work are ready to take their relationships and impact to the next level. Using Universal Partnership's flagship exercise, "Building the Core" as a…
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